Refined Rapeseed Oil


Premium Grade Refined Rapeseed Oil for sale

Refined Rapeseed oil is extracted from the seeds of the rapeseed plant and it can be used in cooking as well as in production of B100 Biodiesel, Refined Rapeseed Oil is obtained after refining crude rapeseed oil to remove contaminants and impurities. Our Refined Rapeseed Oil can be used in everyday cooking as a cooking oil and frying oil of choice, as well as in; beauty, cosmetics (soaps and shampoos), foods/food processing, healthcare, nutraceuticals, industrial oils and the pharmaceutical industry.

Free Fatty Acid: 0.1 0.15% max

Peroxide Value: 1.0 2.0 meq/kg max

Color (Lovibond): 12.0 15.0 Yellow / 1.5 2.0 Red

Iodine Value (Wijs): 100 – 122

Moisture:  0.05 %max

AOM:  20 hrs min

Cold Test:      5.5 – 12 hrs min

Refractive Index @ 40oC:    1.460 1.467

Specific Gravity @ 25oC:    0.914 0.920

Saponification Value:    182 193

Smoke Point:     460 530oF

Flash Point:     610 640oF

Fire Point:     670 690oF


Fatty Acid Properties:


C16:0   Palmitic   3.0 5.0%

C16:1   Palmitoleic  0.2 0.3%

C18:0   Stearic   1.0 3.0%

C18:1   Oleic   56.0 76.0%

C18:2   Linoleic   10.0 24.0%

C18:3   Linolenic  4.0 13.0%

C22:1   Erucic   0.2 1.8%


Fatty Acid Distribution:


Saturated     4.3 7.4%

Monosaturated     54.4 65.0%

Polyunsaturated     27.2 37.0%



This is a refined oil for cooking different types of foods.Rapeseed oil is made from the seeds of rapeseed plant.This is also

called canola oil and rich in fats.This is becoming very popular among the domestic consumers due to affordable prices.


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