Organic Olive oil


 Organic Olive oil  wholesale 

Organic Olive oil is pale yellow to greenish oil obtained from the pulp of olives by separating the liquids from solids. Olive oil was used in the ancient world for lighting, hair and body care, and as an anointing oil for both ritual and cosmetic purposes.
It is produced mainly in Algeria, Greece, Italy, Morocco, Portugal, Spain, Tunisia, and Turkey. Olive Oil is the oil extracted from tree-ripened olives.

Once pressed with a cold process, the oil is filtered with cotton filters, which is the least invasive method.
Then the oil is placed in large tanks to decant and bottled once a month, according to sales forecasts in order to offer a product that is always fresh.

Product Specifications

1.  100% pure organic olive oil bulk wholesale factory ;
2.  Widely applied in flavour and fragrance for skin and body ;
3.  The content of oleic acid is 80%;
4.  We are highly specialized manufacturer and supplier in the industry;
5.  We manufacture various type of natural and synthetic essential oil.


Inspection Report 


Testing Items Standard Requirements Testing Results
Character This product is a pale yellow clear liquid.

Odourless or almost odourless.

Relative Density 0. 908~0. 915 0.925
Acid value (By mg/g) ≤1.0 0.4
Peroxide value ≤10.0 3.5
Saponification value 186-194 192
Iodine value 79-88 82
Unsaponifiable matter ≤1.5% 0.7%
Absorbance value ≤1.2 0.6
Oleic value content 56%~85% 82.5%
Main ingredient Oleic acid, linoleic acid, palmitic acid, etc. Qualified


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