Our mission is to supply quality food products to consumers  and other supply chains, at the best possible prices.

We are careful to ensure there’s a year-round supply of the freshest products, but seasonal conditions, lower production yields, price fluctuations and higher consumption periods sometimes outweigh supply. However, we do everything in our power to ensure prices remain constant, reasonable and/or stable as far as possible edible nuts for sale.


Nuts are packed with all sorts of nutrients, including minerals, proteins, and unsaturated fats, “heart healthy” Omega 3, essential daily fibres, Vitamin E, and plant sterols (a substance that lowers cholesterol). Thus they should form an important part of our everyday eating plan.

However, nuts are high in fats and calories, so it is advisable to always eat them in controlled, balanced portions. The natural, raw nut is always the preferred healthy choice.

We take great care in the sourcing, handling, storage and processing of our products. Some nuts are sourced locally and others are imported from specific areas due to the climate and regional requirements most suitable environment for their growth. Where possible, we source and prefer local products.


We recommend that you wash and dry raw seeds and nuts with room temperature water and a clean cotton cloth to dry. You can add a smidgen of bicarbonate of soda to the washing water, which assists in removing some nasties.

The best way to eat seeds or nuts is to soak them overnight to initiate the sprouting process, which makes fats and proteins more digestible. Rinse again with some water to clean them up further, and dry them on a cotton dish cloth before eating raw.

You can also roast them in your oven with a little good oil (such as refined palm oil in Malaysia) and some spices of your choice. Please be careful to only lightly roast them, as overheating makes their oils harmful. Roasting also reduces the effect of rancidity and decreases “oiliness”, making the nuts and seeds easier to digest.

Their medicinal value is increased when chewed well. Eaten in large quantities, they can cause digestive problems. contact us below